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Welcome to FlipMyCrypt, a crypto community for people that are new to crypto as well as experienced traders. We simply provide a place where members can feel safe about their entry into the crypto world and free from advertisements.

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For less than the cost of a cup of coffee you can enjoy all the benefits we offer and start making money!

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Platform Features

All the features of a social network combined with crypto

Pick of the Day

We spend the time to have pick of the days each day that are using good performers.


Create your own group for friends and help each other as well as compete.

Curated Data

Our data is curated by TradigView and we offer many of their tools to better aid you. 

Curated Videos

We curate videos from good sources and it gives you quick access in on place for learning.

Curated News

We curate news daily from good sources with the latest relavent news.

Safe Community

We do not allow members to run schemes or self promotion, and no advertisements.

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"Just got back into crypto after a not so good experience. Since joining FlipMyCrypt my experience has changed for the better, and i even got my daughter involved!"

Brian Byrd

"I have known the founder for almost 20 years and he got me involved in crypto in 2016. I have done very well with my crypto and am actively involved with it everyday..."

Jason Della Vecchia

" I have worked with the founder on many projects over the past 20 years and I consider him my go to source for anything crypto or technical as he has done development for me..."

Scott McGrath

Your questions answered

What is a standard membership and what does it cost?

Our standard membership includes all of the features and function of our platform for $4.95 a month and you can cancel at anytime.

How long have you been in business?

We have been in development for two years and operate as a service of Farrington Developmenet. Our LLC is currently being formed and will post proper copyrights as needed.

Do you guarantee any profits or earnings?

Our platform was designed for new users of crypto. We ask you to do your own research as we have many tools availalbe here and with some of our partnerss. Please read our risk disclaimer in the footer.